fabio cevasco

is a frontend / software / information architect · programmer · open source advocate · technical author · trekkie & technology enthusiast.
fae · a minuscule find and edit utility
h3 · an extremely simple javascript microframework
hastyscribe · a professional markdown compiler
hastysite · a high-performance static site generator
herald · a well-balanced vim color scheme
litestore · a minimalist nosql document store
min · a small but practical concatenative programming language
mn · a truly minimal concatenative programming language
nifty · a tiny (pseudo) package manager and script runner
nimhttpd · a static file web server

h3 developer guide
hastyscribe user guide
hastysite user guide
min developer guide
mn developer guide
litestore user guide
nifty user guide

web sites
2c.fyi · my personal bookmark manager and url shortner
h3rald · my personal web site and blog
litepad · a simple client-side markdown notepad and snippet manager
nifty•tools · a repository of small, self-contained, useful command-line tools
textual•works · my own online text repository and knowledge base

github · linkedin